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The Benefits of Automated Marketing For Physicians

Marketing Automation not only increases the efficiency of your communication – thereby improving audience satisfaction, traffic to your site, and customer loyalty – but also allows you to focus your attention on large-scale efforts and strategies, thereby increasing your ROI and helping you grow in the long-term.

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5 Important Reasons To Not Ignore Physician Review Sites

Yelp. Google. Facebook. Business reviews are everywhere. When you run a direct primary care practice, it’s tempting to ignore review sites. It’s not like you’re a restaurant; why pay much attention to reviews? Because 90% of people make purchasing…

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7 Tips to Improve Local SEO with your Blog

Your blog posts can give you a huge – and I do mean HUGE – surge in getting found in local Orlando searches – or for whatever search location you are trying to optimize for. But do you know how to write with local Orlando SEO-specific terms?

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How to Keyword Blog Posts for Powerful Results

Keyword Blog Posts Correctly and You Will DEFINITELY Reap Rewards! If you’ve done any research into online marketing, odds are that you’ve repeatedly read that you should keyword blog posts – you know, the ones that you should be writing regularly…

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Who’s Your Customer? Why you need a Buyer Persona.

UGGH! It so frustrating! I’ve published lots of blogs and content on social media only to find it doesn’t generate significant web traffic or social media followers. I thought “Content was King!” I have great content!! What’s up?? That’s exactly…

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