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A recent study by Google showed that 70% of people will vet your practice online prior to making contact, but only if they are aware of you!  They learn about you through 4 primary digital marketing channels;

  1. Search Engine Queries
  2. Social Media
  3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  4. Online Reviews & Listing Services

A careful blend of all four of these marketing channels crafted to send the right message at the right time to the right person is at the heart of any successful digital marketing strategy and the key to keeping your “potential patient” pipeline active. To accomplish this, a full understanding of your potential patient’s needs, problems and the journey they take from awareness of a need, through consideration of a solution, to their decision to select you as their physician are required.

Attract > Educate > Nurture > Grow

Every primary care practice is different in terms of business goals and the patients it serves based on a variety of demographics and needs. With Direct Primary Care there are additional challenges to reaching and converting patients that require education such as;

  • Awareness of DPC as a viable alternative to insurance-based primary care
  • The added value and benefits of DPC healthcare vs cost
  • How Insurance or health-sharing work with DPC
  • How Specialists, Labs & Prescriptions are handled

At Inbo Marketing, we understand the challenges of marketing Direct Primary Care. We profile and target the kind of patients ideal for your practice and business goals. We then use compelling content and messaging that speaks to their needs at every stage of their journey while educating them and nurturing them down your sales pipeline to become patients.

On average, our clients get 500% more relevant website traffic, 54% more leads than with traditional marketing and a higher ROI

Direct Primary Care Marketing
Strategy & Services

Our data-driven strategies are designed with your goals and budget in mind. A huge budget isn’t required to design and implement a solid, effective digital marketing plan. For the cost of a part-time employee, you can have a team of marketing experts dedicated to growing your practice.
The larger your budget the faster you see results.

We also offer services and consultations to assist with your current marketing efforts.

Marketing Services


Digital Presence Assessment


Keyword & Topic Research


Persona Development


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Content Development


Email Drip Campaigns


Automated Marketing


Social Media Strategy & Marketing


SEM (Pay-Per-Click Ads)


Directory Listing Management

Technical Services


Website Development


Landing Pages


Forms & Conversion Points


List Segmentation


Graphic Design

“INBO Marketing has been such a great joy to work with. They researched and picked up the nuances of my business and industry rapidly. This meant that they were able to help me create more meaningful content that would give me a better ROI.

We used ActiveCampaign and they were able to expertly create drip sequences.
In addition to helping me with content creation and management, they basically rebuilt my site so that we would have a strong foundation to support the marketing campaign.

I give INBO a strong recommendation for anyone that is considering working with them.”

Dr. Chris Larson, DO

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