Resources to help you get the most out of your marketing efforts

Local Listing ServiceInconsistent or missing listings of your business across the Internet (on services such as Google, Yahoo & Yelp) can hurt your SEO and cost you sales? Check how your business is listed on 50+ primary listing services for free.

Beginner's Guide to SEO

Follow and implement these short lessons so you can manage your business’s presence online using the same strategy framework that the pros use for LOCAL SEO.

Marketing Metrics Your Boss Cares About

Do you know which metrics actually matter to your boss? In this cheat sheet of metrics, we’ll share the six metrics that do.

Buyer Persona WorkbookUsing Buyer Personas are key to driving quality traffic and increasing conversions. Our workbook is designed to help you build personas you can use to create content that resonates with your target audience throughout your marketing efforts.

Swipe FileCreate powerful titles with this Cook Book of over 130 proven blog titles and a list of over 100 Power words that work. They work in any industry and are the same ones we use at INBO Marketing and for our clients. Start getting traffic to your blog.

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